HUMER H3 Luxury Power Enggine


1. H3 The midsize HUMMER that is fully off-road capable. Its smaller size makes it more nimble, more fuel effi cient and easier to drive than any HUMMER before it.
2. H3 ALPHA The H3. Only more powerful. Featuring more horsepower, more torque, more towing capacity. The H3 Alpha excels both on- and off-road. Also available in combination with the H3X.
3. H3X It’s the H3 remixed. A HUMMER that takes its inspiration from the city. With chrome accents, chrome wheels, bright roof rack crossbars and a host of other accessories.

Though no longer in production, the HUMMER H3 SUV is proof positive that good things can come in small packages. Even if you are a HUMMER. Of course, to belong to the HUMMER SUV family, you not only have to look the part, you also have to live up to the off-road 4x4 reputation that the family made famous. And with its fully welded steel frame, 9.7 inches of ground clearance and full undercarriage protection, the H3 does in spades. The HUMMER H3 the midsize SUV that strikes a perfect balance between off-road capability, on-road comfort and effi ciency, becomes more powerful.

Introducing the HUMMER ultimate H3 the H3 Alpha. Part of the higher echelon of HUMMER vehicles, the Alpha is versatile both on and off-road and features a rippling 5.3L V8 engine with 300 well domesticated horses to get you “out there” even faster. The V8 is coupled with an electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission and enables you to tow up to 6,000 pounds. On the inside are newer refi nements like a standard leather-appointed interior, optional rear vision camera system for parking assistance, and an in-dash 6-disc CD changer with a premium 7-speaker sound system. And on the outside, a prominent “Alpha” tailgate badge heralds your departure from the ordinary and your arrival into a whole new class. The 2012 HUMMER H3 Alpha. The perfect combination of performance, power, capability and luxury in a midsize SUV. And a vehicle that is truly Like Nothing Else.

Make no mistake: the HUMMER H3 may be smaller, but it abounds in the indomitable spirit HUMMER made famous. True to its heritage, the HUMMER H3 is fully off-road capable. It has been tested and re-tested on severe off-road challenges and triumphed every time. Its smaller size makes it more nimble in certain circumstances, more efficient and easier to drive in the city than any HUMMER before it. In fact, it just might be the ultimate on/off-road vehicle on the market.

With the HUMMER H3, our engineers went back to the drawing board armed only with coffee and a vision to build the most accessible HUMMER yet. But this time, the task was threefold. The H3 had to prove itself off-road. It had to be a top-notch performer in urban landscapes. And it had to be fun to drive. Complex, but not impossible. To meet such daunting goals, the design team had to take a fresh approach while still making sure that everything on the H3 was there for a reason. Its smaller size improves manoeuvrability and ground clearance in certain offroad conditions. Its tight turning radius makes the H3 fiercely functional in the city. Large, wide tires enhance traction and stability on and off road. Its best-in-segment underbody protection provides strong off-road defense. And its standard Vortec 3500 engine is a potent combination of power and fuel efficiency.

Technically speaking, although the HUMER H3 lives in the SUV world, calling it an SUV is like calling a fighter jet an airplane. In terms of off-road capability, the H3 stands head and shoulders above everything else in its class. To elaborate on such a bold statement, consider that the H3 is a full-time 4WD vehicle with a standard two-speed transfer case. What this means is that the powertrain-integrated, two-speed, electronically controlled, full-time 4WD system enables you to go places even the H3’s most seasoned competitors couldn’t tackle. In addition, the H3 is the only vehicle in its segment that can climb a 406 mm (16 in.) vertical wall, scale a 60% grade, traverse a 40% side slope and operate in up to 610 mm (24 in.) of water, all while fully loaded. Which means the HUMER H3 gives you more versatility than any other SUV in the Mid-size Utility category. Mountains, forests, deserts, glacial moraines – if you can name it, the H3 makes it more accessible to you.

Get behind the wheel of the HUMER H3 and you’ll instantly feel like it was custom designed for you. Many of the cockpit controls and features are influenced by its bigger sibling, the HUMER H2. From the rotary control switches to the individual gauge bezels to the soft touch caps on the control switches, you’ll notice everything is logical, organized, easy to use and accessible. In addition, you’ll find a host of subtler features that enhance your interior experience. Like the five standard assist handles that make entry easier and offer support on severe off-road terrain. The unique “Nissha” finish on the console adds to the sophisticated feel. Other upscale touches, such as chrome door handles and available perforated leather trim on the steering wheel and transmission shifter, also contribute to a premium atmosphere. On the whole, the interior workmanship, like that of the exterior, oozes richness, class and sophistication, putting the interior of the H3 in the same league as more expensive SUVs. Good luck getting out of this one.

The HUMER H3 features supportive seating that comfortably accommodates five adults and comes in cloth or available leather seating surfaces. The cloth interior is available in Ebony with Pewter seat inserts, Ebony with Shadow Green seat inserts or Ebony with Light Cashmere seat inserts. The leather seating surfaces come in Ebony with Pewter piping, Light Cashmere with Ebony piping or Ebony with Morocco seat inserts and piping. All seating is finished with double stitched French seams that further accentuate the premium look. The front and back row seats also come with dual density foam and soft bolsters to provide additional comfort and support during off-road manoeuvres. In addition, the 60/40 divided rear seatbacks can be folded down to create 1576 litres (55.7 cubic feet) of cargo space.

For an increased feeling of freedom, the HUMER H3 offers a large sunroof. Measuring 917 mm by 625 mm (36.1 in. x 24.6 in.), this sunroof can be opened, closed or set to vent (tilt) position with a single control. And with the “express open” and “express close” feature, you can go from a fully opened to a fully closed position, and vice versa, in a few seconds. The “express close” feature includes built-in “anti-pinch” safety protection that can detect even the slightest amount of resistance and immediately stop the sunroof from closing, to help prevent damage or injury.

The HUMER H3 comes with a choice of three audio systems, each integrated with the Generation 6 OnStar System that comes standard on all H3s. Choose the one that’s right for you.

1. An electronically tuned (ETR) AM/FM stereo with a single-disc CD player with seek and scan functions, a digital clock, auto tone control, speed-compensated volume and TheftLock comes standard with the H3.

2. An optional ETR AM/FM stereo with in-dash six-disc CD changer and a larger (single-line, twelve-character) text display features a performance-enhanced, premium, seven-speaker Monsoon sound system delivering 200 amplified watts.

3. An optional ETR AM/FM stereo with a single, front-loading CD player with MP3 discplayback capability, includes all base radio features and the performance-enhanced, premium, seven-speaker Monsoon sound system.

The HUMER H3 features a Short-Long Arm (SLA) independent front suspension and a Hotchkiss design, dual-stage, leaf-spring rear suspension. The front suspension uses an aluminum forged upper control arm and a modular, cast iron lower control arm, for added robustness and strength when off-roading. Both the front and rear suspension systems feature microcellular urethane jounce bumpers, which protect the suspension from hitting the frame in the most severe off-road terrain.

Both the front and rear suspensions also use 46 mm, monotube gas-charged shocks, same as in the HUMER H2, that come with hydraulic rebound cutoffs specifically designed for the HUMER H3. These cutoffs act like secondary absorbers and help smooth shock travel as it reaches its full length. In addition, the front shock absorbers also have an internal, microcellular auxiliary spring that further enhances the vehicle’s ride. (Microcellular urethane provides better impact absorption and longer life than rubber.) Lastly, the suspension system uses a 36 mm hollow front stabilizer bar and a 25 mm solid rear stabilizer bar. They suppress body roll for improved comfort and control in on-road cornering.

Breathing life into the HUMER H3 is a standard Vortec 3500 in-line five-cylinder engine that generates 220 horsepower and 225 pounds-feet of torque at a low 2800 rpm. A purpose-built truck powerplant, the Vortec 3500 is what has become known as a “smart engine.” High-tech and lightweight, it combines a power output comparable to competitive V6s with impressive fuel economy. Integral balance shafts virtually eliminate vibration and harshness. An array of longlife features reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum and permit an interval of 166,000 km between tune-ups. The Vortec 3500 is also a highly durable engine a fact reflected in the H3’s 4-year/80,000 kilometre limited warranty. Two transmissions are available: a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic with standard StabiliTrak system. Both deliver outstanding performance, on-road and off.


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