2012 Hummer H3 Exlusive Review

The Hummer H3 standard two speed, electronically controlled, full-time 4WD system enables you to go places most other SUV owners couldn’t dream of. By offering both high and low range high for on-road and low for off-road the Hummer H3 gives you more precise throttle control and more torque at slower speeds. This, coupled with the full-function, single-wheel traction control, allows the Hummer H3 to marry outstanding off-road capability with outstanding fuel efficiency. In Hummer H3, power and control go hand in hand. Its standard state-of-the-art traction control system (TCS) is an indispensable asset at your disposal. When off-roading or simply on slippery road surfaces, the TCS continually monitors the rotational speed of each wheel. If one wheel is spinning more than the others, the TCS applies braking pressure to the spinning wheel to help it regain its composure and transfers available torque to the wheels that have traction. Using this system, an Hummer H3 with three spinning wheels can still move forward, even up a 10% incline.

Crawl ratio gives you superior control when crawling at very low speeds over large obstacles, like logs, or while moving up slippery or steep grades. A good crawl ratio also provides better engine braking when descending steep slopes, increasing your control. The crawl ratio is determined by multiplying the transmission first gear ratio, transfer case low-range gear reduction and final drive axle ratio. The higher the number, the better. The H3’s crawl ratio in the optional Off-Road Suspension Package is 68.9:1 with the manual transmission and 56.2:1 with the automatic transmission. What that means is that for every 68.9 revolutions of the engine, the tires rotate only once. The result: amazing control when you need it most.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the H3’s brakes. The four-channel antilock braking system (ABS), standard on the Hummer H3, allows you steering control even under extreme braking. The ABS in the H3 can also detect changing road surfaces and adjust the braking accordingly. For example, after heavy rains a washboard-type pattern can develop on dirt roads. The H3’s ABS can recognize this surface and react by preventing the ABS from continually repeating a cycle of applying and depressurizing the brakes. Thus, the ABS system in the Hummer H3 can help you come to a smooth, controlled stop on almost any surface.

An integral part of this intelligent braking system is Dynamic Rear Brake Proportioning. This system modulates rear brake pressure and ensures that braking is balanced between both front and rear brakes. That means optimal braking force at all four wheels, which contributes to shorter, more controlled stopping. And as is the case with all HUMMERs, there’s more. This system, standard with the automatic transmission, provides more precise all-weather control, particularly on slick surfaces during emergency manoeuvres, such as swerving to avoid an object in the road. StabiliTrak continuously monitors steering angle, wheel speeds, brake pressure and lateral acceleration. If the system detects a lateral skid, it intervenes by applying braking force to a slipping wheel within one tenth of a second to help stop the skid and restore normal steering control.

What good is an SUV if you don’t feel confident making it do the things it was designed to do? Like all HUMMERs before it, the H3 inspires confidence. Sure, most SUVs seem to do that on-road, but the H3 leaves the competition pale when it comes to driver confidence off-road. The H3 is a unique vehicle that will never cease to amaze you with its extraordinary off-road ability.

For a start, in a worst-case scenario, the Hummer H3 has an exceptionally strong frame with specially designed structures at both ends. They crumple in a controlled fashion during impact, to absorb dangerous crash energy before it can reach the passenger compartment. The reinforced body of the H3 also includes a passenger safety cage complete with robust side-impact protection in all doors. All Hummer H3s come standard with dual front air bags* and a Passenger Sensing System. This system decides whether to enable or suppress the right front passenger air bag based on the occupant’s seated weight. The air bag is enabled only when the system classifies the occupant as an adult, and is suppressed whenever the system classifies the occupant as a small child. This is in addition to other child safety features like our unique LATCH system for anchoring child seats in the rear and sunroof “anti-pinch” protection.

Another key safety feature on the Hummer H3 is the available head curtain side-impact air bag system. During a collision at the side of the vehicle, these air bags act like inflatable curtains and extend from the roof line to the belt line, covering both front and rear outboard seating positions, to give you an added measure of head protection. Bringing additional safety and stability to the Hummer H3 is the standard tire pressure monitoring system. This system constantly monitors pressure in all four tires and if one or more falls below the optimum level, a warning light on the instrument panel illuminates.

To that end, the Hummer H3 boasts underbody protection that runs the entire length of the vehicle, beginning with the thick, solid aluminum front skid plate. This shield protects the frame and front suspension components from rock strikes and other hard hits and comes embossed with the Hummer H3 logo. Also standard are three high-strength steel skid plates to protect the oil pan, fuel tank and transfer case. An optional Underbody Protection Package features two additional skid plates. One provides enhanced protection for the transfer case and the other guards the transmission oil pan. Also optional is full-body Rocker Panel Protection designed to protect the sides of the vehicle from off-road threats. With all these features, the Hummer H3 not only makes sure you can get out into the rough country. It also makes sure you have everything you need to get back.

With the H3, HUMMER engineers set out to create the most capable, most competent, most serious mid-size SUV in the world. The result: a vehicle able to travel through some of the world’s harshest environments with confidence and style. If you live for adventure, an H3 is the partner you’ve been looking for. As an Hummer H3 owner you can choose from over 30 individual accessories, most of which were designed by the same people who designed your HUMMER. Engineered specifically for HUMMER, they have passed rigorous testing standards for durability, performance and safety. So peruse them to create a vehicle that is unique to you, and a HUMMER that is truly Like Nothing Else.


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