2012 Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Evoque Coupe

The same sleek, striking silhouette as the coupe, with the added practicality and convenience of five doors. With an engaging blend of dynamic handling and refined engineering, it’s also the most sustainable Range Rover ever. Its compact footprint and advanced technology deliver exciting performance together with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. You can create your own bespoke Range Rover Evoque with a tempting array of colors, finishes and luxury designs, based on 3 distinct design themes: The purest expression of the LRX concept car. Combining the stunning concept-car exterior with a stylish, clean interior in neutral colors to highlight the pure, simple forms of the cabin architecture. Soft-touch, wrapped materials on the major surfaces contrast with the real-metal brushed aluminum trim. The ultimate in Range Rover Evoque luxury. Ultimate Range Rover luxury, combining an enhanced exterior with unique alloy wheels and dramatic premium bright finish details. A bold evolution of Range Rover design. With a sumptuous, leather-wrapped interior. The sight and touch of the finest materials. The allure of the unique colors. For all of the senses, the experience is remarkable. A sports-orientated take on the Range Rover Evoque. A sports-orientated take on the Range Rover Evoque design theme with a more assertive, athletic stance. Its muscular attitude is emphasised by strong design cues. The bold exterior, with unique bumpers, sills, grille and tailpipes, is twinned with a premium sports interior with leather seats and unique detailing.

The dynamic profile, dramatic rising beltline and muscular shoulders give 2012 Range Rover Evoque a natural presence and magnetism. You can personalize it further through the choices available across the three distinct design themes Pure, Prestige and Dynamic. There’s also a wide range of smart technology options from LED and Xenon lighting to surround cameras. You can even add a dramatic full panoramic roof. When you’re loading the trunk, you can open the powered tailgate remotely using your key fob. Improves your security by restricting vision into the cabin and allows rear seat passengers to travel more discreetly. By reducing UV light transmission and temperature in hot climates, it also creates a more comfortable environment. These advanced front fog lamps are beautiful as well as practical. Discreetly set into the front bumper, their distinctive LED light-blade looks add a jewel-like presence. When reverse is selected, ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper are activated automatically. The audible warning tones help you to manoeuvre when parking.

The 2012 Range Rover Evoque with full glass fixed panoramic roof enhances the sense of space in the vehicle’s interior and floods it with natural light. To maintain a comfortable interior temperature and to provide a sense of privacy, the toughened glass has a dark tint and is treated to offer a high degree of solar protection.
When additional shade or privacy is required, an electric fabric sun blind with a solar reflective coating can be extended across the full surface of the glass roof. Fixed Panoramic Roof as standard. Morzine headlining options are available with the Range Rover Evoque to create an interior that suits you. As Standard the Ivory Headliner compliments a range of interiors. This will add a personal touch of refinement and individuality to the interior of your Range Rover Evoque. Choose an Ebony Headliner to compliment a range of interiors. This will add a personal touch of refinement and individuality to the interior of your Range Rover Evoque.

A wide range of interior color options and upgrades allows you to personalize your Range Rover Evoque to your individual taste. Ebony headlining is available as an additional option. Traditional sports interior in Ebony perforated leather with Cirrus contrast stitching. Ebony seats, door panels, fascia and carpets. Ivory headlining as standard. Dynamic sports interior in Ebony perforated leather with Pimento contrast stitching. Pimento central seat panels and door inserts. Ebony fascia and carpets. Ivory headlining as standard. Clean contemporary sports lines in Lunar perforated leather seats with Ivory contrast stitching. Lunar door panels, fascia and carpets contrast with Ivory headrest and central seat panels with Lunar center stripe. Ivory door inserts and Ivory headlining as standard. Lunar Perforated Grained Leather with Savannah contrast stitching. A fresh, contemporary sports cabin with Lunar perforated leather seats with center seat stripe and Savannah contrast stitching. Lunar door panels, fascia, carpets, seat panels and door insert. Ivory headlining as standard.

Range Rover Evoque Intuitive technology to enhance your comfort and convenience includes advanced Voice Control* and two multi-function high-definition color displays.The central 8- inch Touch-screen is the signature Range Rover control and display interface for communication and entertainment, while directly in front of the driver there’s a new 5 inch color information display. Subtle interior mood lighting creates a signature Range Rover driving experience day and night. Automatic dual-zone climate control features an advanced Air Filtration and Air Quality Sensing system to facilitate automatic recirculation when outside air quality is poor or pollen counts are high. The interior rear view mirror has an automatic dimming function, so you can see clearly without glare from low sun or car headlamps behind you.

 The Range Rover Evoque interior illumination features ambient lighting, which you can easily adjust to suit your taste and mood. There’s a range of sophisticated shades from blue to ice white to pure red, with the intensity of the lighting at your command. Mood lighting is subtly located in the door grab handles, stowage compartments and under the sloping centre console. To complement the lighting suite, overhead map lamps feature touch detection. Interior shown is Prestige Ambiance. A rear center head restraint is available on 5-Door and Coupe models, when fitted with a rear bench seat. The central rear armrest drops to reveal two secure cupholders. Available on 5-Door and on Coupe when fitted with a rear bench seat. Leather with controls for audio system, cruise control and Bluetooth telephone connectivity. For your convenience and for a quick, easy departure, this starts the engine [after it senses the key fob inside the vehicle], avoiding any need for a key to be placed in the ignition. Within easy reach of both driver and front seat passenger, the Covered Center Console includes two generous-sized cup holders, as well as discreet storage for miscellaneous articles.

Range Rover Evoque Automatic (4WD) 2.0 Liter Gasoline Engine (240HP) with six-speed transmission. The all-new 2.0-liter engine combines fuel economy with a refined, powerful performance.  A lightweight all-aluminum powertrain with the latest direct-injection technology, the Si4 delivers the same power as larger capacity engines, but with lower fuel consumption and up to 20 percent less CO2 emissions.* The responsive six-speed automatic transmission features Drive Select, an advanced rotary gearshift, which rises up to ‘handshake’ the driver when the engine is switched on. ‘Rally-style’ Paddle Shift controls on the steering wheel allow you to change gear manually, when you want to. The responsive six-speed automatic transmission features Drive Select, an advanced rotary gearshift, which rises up to ‘handshake’ the driver when the engine is switched on. ‘Rally-style’ Paddle Shift controls on the steering wheel allow you to change gear manually, when you want to. The Range Rover six-speed automatic transmission with Drive Select delivers increased fuel efficiency. It features sophisticated, ‘rally-style’ Paddle Shift controls on the steering wheel, which allow you to take manual control of the transmission to increase your driving enjoyment. Instead of a gear lever, the automatic transmission is controlled by an advanced rotary gearshift, which raises up to ‘handshake’ the driver when the engine is switched on. Select ‘Sports mode’ and you’ll enjoy a more dynamic and responsive ride.

Advanced technologies have been deployed to enhance suspension performance. The seamless combination of suspension and steering technology helps to deliver superior on-road ride and dynamic handling. In addition, lightweight aluminum chassis components are used extensively on Range Rover Evoque, improving suspension performance by increasing stiffness and reducing unsprung weight, as well as contributing towards reduced weight and increased efficiency. Range Rover Evoque features the very latest version of Land Rover’s legendary Terrain Response system. This makes on-road and off-road driving effortlessly enjoyable, while maximizing traction in a variety of conditions. You can select settings from snow to mud to sand. Terrain Response integrates the following technologies:

a. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) – if the system detects that the driver is losing control, DSC intervenes to help maintain stability. DSC works by blocking torque and/or applying braking to selected wheels to counter understeer or oversteer and regain control and traction.

b. Electronic Traction Control (ETC) – helps to optimize traction and stability by controlling wheel spin. The ETC system reduces torque to the spinning wheel, and then applies braking if further control is required.

c. Hill Descent Control (HDC) – automatically restricts your downhill speed to a safe limit, using the anti-lock braking system. This latest version features enhanced performance and an improved interface to help the driver easily adjust the target speed. HDC® works seamlessly with Gradient Release Control (GRC) which optimizes a controlled descent by progressively releasing the brakes when moving off on an incline.

d. Hill Start Assist - During hill starts, Hill Start Assist holds the brakes for a few seconds to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards.

e. Roll Stability Control (RSC) - This uses a sophisticated roll-over prevention system to detect the onset of a roll-over. The system applies brakes to the outer wheels to widen the turn radius to help maintain stability.

Hill Start Assist is an enhancement to Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response system. They work together seamlessly to help make hill starts safe and effortless. The system holds the vehicle on inclines long enough for the driver's foot to move from brake pedal to accelerator, without the car rolling backwards and without needing to engage the handbrake. Land Rover patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) assists with safe, controlled descents of difficult slopes by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking, in conjunction with the anti-lock braking system, separately to each wheel. HDC uses the latest interface to provide the driver with easier adjustment of the target speed. The cruise control system will maintain your cruising speed at a constant level until you either apply the brakes or cancel it, using the steering wheel controls. Invaluable on long journeys and an easy way to ensure you stay under the speed limit.

The meticulously tuned EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering) system delivers accurate, consistent steering and agile cornering. Power assistance is speed-sensitive so the steering is light and responsive at lower speeds and firmer at higher speeds. Compared to conventional power steering systems, EPAS is much more responsive and energy-efficient. Located on the center console, the Electronic Park Brake is easily engaged. It can be released manually or simply by driving away. When Adaptive Dynamics is specified, the control system detects off-road terrain and optimizes the advanced MagneRide™ damper settings to give an optimum balance of confident, nimble handling and supple, controlled ride comfort. Dynamic Mode can be selected on the Terrain Response system, to tune the suspension to deliver even tighter body control with flatter handling and sharper responses.

The  Range Rover Evoque with 8-inch Touch-screen, together with the 5-inch full color driver information (TFT) display represents a revolution in the clarity and accessibility of driver information, communication and entertainment. Other essential information or commands can be accessed easily and safely through the multi-function steering wheel controls. The system is designed to make it easy to connect your personal devices including iPod and other portable MP3 players or memory sticks  with a choice of direct iPod connections, USB socket and auxiliary input. The key iPod menu function can easily be controlled through the 8- inch Touch-screen display. Make or receive phone calls easily, using the steering wheel controls, Voice Control or 8- inch Touch-screen. With compatible handsets the system automatically downloads your latest phonebook contacts, for fast convenient use.You can also enjoy the music stored on your phone (or other portable Bluetooth device**) using streamingÇ‚ to select and listen to your favorite tracks on the high-spec audio system.


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