2012 Land Lover LR4 Extreame Car Review

The 2012 Land Rover LR4 has a highly refined, contemporary presence on the road. The vehicle has an instantly recognisable, smart modern exterior, outstanding levels of craftsmanship inside and an advanced engine. This all-terrain vehicle is the perfect combination of both style and capability. The Land Rover HSE builds on the already impressive LR4 specifications with an array of additional features. There is a powerful V8 petrol engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission. The range-leading Land Rover HSE LUX offers premium luxury and premium practicality. There is a powerful V8 petrol engine with 6 speed automatic transmission. The exterior of Land Rover LR4 has undergone an extensive and impressive design refresh. Grille, plus lights both front and rear are complemented by the introduction of body color bumpers and wheel arches  on selected models. Xenon Headlamps (incorporating LED side lights) are a brighter/whiter upgrade from the standard halogen front lights. A xenon bulb is used for both high and low beam. High Beam Assist improves driving safety at night. The system detects light from oncoming traffic, or any vehicles you may be following, and automatically switches between high beam and dipped headlamps to ensure that other drivers are not dazzled.

The 2012 Land Lover LR4 has a highly refined, contemporary presence on the road. The vehicle has an instantly recognisable, smart modern exterior, outstanding levels of craftsmanship inside and an advanced engine. This all-terrain vehicle is the perfect combination of both style and capability. The sumptuous, tactile interior of LR4 has style, making it the epitome of luxury. It offers enhanced levels of craftsmanship and includes a center console with an integrated flowing design. The renowned command driving position, first established by Defender, is now a central feature of every Land Rover vehicle. It gives greater visibility ahead and of the surrounding environment as well as adding to the driver’s control and feeling of security. The steering wheel incorporates a switch layout that places key data and remote audio controls right at the driver’s fingertips through two five-way switches. Leather-covered, as standard, the wheel features cruise control and telephone – where included within specification.

Land Rover LR4 Front automatic climate control, featuring heater and air conditioning designed to meet global temperature extremes with side to side temperature control, is standard on all LR4 models. The system incorporates a clutchless compressor, which enables a more controlled output of cold or blended air to the passengers. Cruise Control helps reduce driver fatigue by maintaining a constant vehicle speed in the appropriate conditions. It is activated by controls conveniently located on the steering wheel. Everyone can enjoy the view. As well as an Electric Sunroof providing extra light and airiness to the front seats, the Alpine Roof extends the glass area to passengers in the second and third rows, while its combined reflective properties and interior sunblinds keep the cabin cool. The heated steering wheel now features a revised switch layout that places key data and remote audio controls right at the driver’s fingertips. The base model steering wheel has been upgraded, so a leather covering and message center control five-way switches now come as standard.

The Land Rover LR4 with V8 engine featuring a torque-actuated dual independent variable camshaft phasing system harnesses the latest technology to deliver superb drivability and performance, while achieving enhanced efficiency. Performance (Manufacturer's Estimates): 5.0 liter V8, Maximum speed mph (kph/h) 121 (195) and Acceleration 0-60mph (0-100km/h) seconds 7.5 (7.9).  The Land Rover LR4 sophisticated six-speed automatic transmission with Commandshift has an adaptive shift pattern which actually responds to driving style and driving conditions by reconfiguring for optimum drivability in all situations. Upgraded CommandShift® Adaptive Automatic Transmission is fitted to the automatic LR-V8. It adapts to your individual driving style and the prevailing surface conditions. So you get improved fuel economy through a wider range of torque, plus 10 percent faster shift times with sport shift.

Hill Descent Control allows a smooth, controlled descent down difficult terrain without the need to use the brake or accelerator. Gradient Release Control enhances this by providing smoother, more gradual acceleration when confronted by a steep incline. It operates automatically whenever Hill Descent Control is engaged, temporarily maintaining brake pressure after you’ve released the brake pedal, then gradually increasing speed until your optimum off-road pace is attained.  The air suspension can raise the ride height up to 4.92 inches for extreme off-road use and also has an access mode that lowers the vehicle by 2 inches for easier entry, exit and loading. The 2012 Land Rover LR4 suspension delivers the most comfortable of rides. Its self-levelling feature yields outstanding handling and composure, working effortlessly with a wide range of vehicle loads. It also allows the vehicle height to be adjusted from outside the vehicle for trailer hitching, using the smart key buttons. Land Rover’s patented Terrain Response technology incorporates 60 years of our off-road expertise.

 The system optimizes Land Rover LR4 set-up for different terrain conditions and inspires supreme confidence over mud, gravel, grass, snow, and rocks, while delivering uncompromising performance on tarmac. Terrain Response also incorporates Sand Launch Control (SLC) and Rock Crawl (RC). Sand Launch Control helps prevent wheel spin and the vehicle ‘digging in’ when moving off from a standstill, while Rock Crawl delivers more vehicle composure by applying light brake forces.

Four corner electronic air suspension is fitted to all LR4 models as standard. Complementing the advanced driving technology, such as Dynamic Stability Control, it ensures outstanding handling across almost any terrain. Dynamic Stability Control improves the vehicle’s handling during acceleration or cornering. It also helps compensate for vehicle handling when towing a trailer. By constantly monitoring the wheels, it detects any deviation from the chosen line and immediately corrects it by applying braking to appropriate wheels. Roll Stability Control works in conjunction with Dynamic Stability Control to help prevent vehicle roll-over. If the system senses that the vehicle is in danger of tipping, it will reduce engine power and use the ABS system to reduce the chance of roll-over. Trailer Stability Assist automatically detects the presence of a trailer. Once 37mph is reached, the sensors monitor the behavior of the trailer. Should any swaying or oscillation occur, the system uses selective braking of the appropriate wheels to help correct any potential problem.

Land Rover LR4 puts you in charge. Driver information is more clearly presented than ever, while controls and switches on the steering wheel put an array of intelligent technology at your fingertips. Personal Telephone Integration System (Bluetooth telephone connectivity and Bluetooth Audio Streaming). Harman/Kardon (Alpine Gen 2.1 MOST architecture): 11 Speakers including Subwoofer, Radio, Single Slot CD Player, 7" Touch Screen, MP3 disc compatibility, RBDS, Digital Audio Amplifier, Auxiliary input, (380 Watts) ("High ICE").

Land Rover LR4 goes beyond the conventional handbrake lever with the easy-to-use Electric Parking Brake technology. EPB provides thoughtful assistance for those tricky hill starts, and can be released either with a switch or simply by driving away. It also helps ensure a more relaxed driving experience in stop/start city traffic. LR4 has up to eight airbags strategically positioned around the vehicle to help protect all occupants during an accident. The front seats have both front and side airbags, with each row having its own curtain airbags. 6 airbags, including side-curtain and side-thorax airbags and front passenger airbag, with occupant detection system. Standard on all vehicles, Push Button Start works without the key being docked in the vehicle. The Keyless Entry system, when used with the remote Smart Key, provides even greater convenience. When close to the vehicle, simply open the door, enter, and push the Start button. Keyless entry means the days of fumbling for keys are over. The driver is now able to access and lock/alarm the vehicle without the need to take the remote smart key out of a bag or pocket. The vehicle is automatically unlocked and the immobiliser deactivated when the smart key comes within close proximity. Similarly, using the buttons on the door pull, the vehicle, is locked, alarmed and immobilized.


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