2012 Suzuki Boulevard M90 New Review and Wallpaper

The 2012 Suzuki Boulevard M90 features a steel tube frame with a hidden rear shock absorber, for the look of a classic rigid hardtail without the accompanying rough ride. Inverted front forks have 43mm inner tubes and deliver 5.12 inches (130mm) of wheel travel. A sporty front fender compliments the headlight cowl with a smooth tapered shape. Careful consideration was paid to the relationship between the comfortable seat, the forward mounted rubber covered footpegs and control levers and a relatively short reach to the flat bend drag style chromed handlebars.

Suzuki Boulevard M90's Chromed drag style handlebars feature a 1.0 inch diameter and control switches and levers are ergonomically designed to improve the machine interface, adding to rider comfort. Distinctive cast aluminum alloy wheels carry wide Bridgestone radial tires specifically designed for the M90. Dual full floating front brake discs measure 290mm each and work with dual piston calipers. Massive rear fender and LED Tail light combination accent the 200mm rear tire. Special attention to comfort started with the Suzuki Boulevard M90's wide, well padded seat including extra length to allow the rider to slide forward or rearward on long rides.

The frame incorporates three rubber engine mounting points to reduce vibration. The long stretched fuel tank holds a full 4.76 gallons (18 liters) of fuel.  The low center of gravity and careful design and positioning of the long chrome plated sidestand help make it more convenient for the rider to pick up the M90 off its sidestand. The low maintenance LED tail light features a fisheye Fresnel-cut smoked red lens. The multi reflector headlight features a 60/55w halogen high/low beam bulb. The passing light feature both beams are illuminated. The new swingarm is also built from strong steel tubing and incorporates the driveshaft on the left side. To maintain the M90's clean lines the rear brake fluid reservoir is remotely located away from the right-side, forward position footpeg, brake pedal and master cylinder.

Suzuki Boulevard M90 Engine with 32 bit 512kb ROM engine management computer and state of the art SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve) fuel injection system. A spring loaded scissor type split primary drive gear mounted on the crankshaft also reduces mechanical noise. All new powerful long stroke V-twin engine features single overhead cams, water cooling, and four valves per cylinder, with the cylinders set at a 54 degree angle. Boulevard M90 is aluminum-alloy slipper pistons have cutaway sides to reduce friction and each piston carries three rings. An Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) system regulates the amount of air fed into the throttle body idle circuits, improving cold starting, reducing cold start emissions and stabilizing engine idle under varying conditions.

Suzuki Boulevard M90 Each aluminum alloy cylinder is plated with SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) nickel phosphorus silicon carbide coating which reduces friction and increases heat transfer, durability and ring sealing. Each compact combustion chamber carries dual spark plugs, which fire at the same time during low rpm, light load running but fire at staggered intervals during high rpm, high load conditions, increasing combustion efficiency and fuel efficiency while also reducing emissions. Each cylinder has its own 42mm throttle body featuring SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve) fuel injection system. Power is delivered through a wide ratio five speed transmission and a shock reducing damper, through a clean running, reliable drive shaft to the rear wheel.


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