2012 Piagio Zip 50 and Piaggio Zip 100 Scooter Style

Piaggio’s snappy town scooter, the 2012 Piagio Zip 50 and Piaggio Zip 100, is available in 50cc and 100cc confgurations to further enhance the agility and maneuverability that’s made it a benchmark in the compact scooter segment. Nimble and easy on the hip pocket. 2012 Piagio Zip 50 and Piaggio Zip 100 economical and environmentally friendly 50cc or 100cc engines Electric start. Twist-and-go automatic transmission. Front disc brake and  powerful rear drum for strong,  predictable and safe stopping in all conditions 50cc model can be ridden on car licence in QLD, WA, SA and NT.

2012 Piagio Zip 50 and Piaggio Zip 100 First of all you need to ask yourself what you will use the scooter for. Think about the roads you’ll be using and the speed of the surrounding road users. It will help to use the guide chart to your right to narrow down your choice. You can then think about the style of scooter you require. Piaggio is the contemporary brand with the modern clean lines. Gilera is the sport brand with aggressive styling and performance to match. Vespa is the classic favourite and stands alone as the embodiment of scooter style.

Piagio Zip 50 is 50cc scooters are speed limited (by law) to 50km/h. Best suited for local suburban
travel on 40, 50, and 60km/h speed limited roads and the congested inner city. Piaggio Zip 100 is100cc scooters are best suited for local travel, continuous travel on 80km/h roads and brief commutes on 100km/h speed- limited roads.


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