2012 Piaggio MP3 500 Fantastic Scooter

The Piaggio MP3 500 quickly learned that the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 493cc, 40 horsepower, single-cylinder engine is quite capable of maintaining freeway speeds of 80 mph.  That output is certainly enough to leave the cars for dead when the lights change, even with an initial launch that feels a tad soft in the way many CVT-equipped scooters seem to be. But after a few yards of relatively lazy thrust, the engine reaches an rpm-range with good torque and just locks on those revs as road speed increases. Before long you find yourself using both levers to slow the bike, then switching to the left lever to free the right hand so you can flick the front undercarriage-lock switch just as the bike stops moving. That way the Piaggio MP3 500 holds itself upright, and you don't have to put a foot down. It takes a little practice, but it's a neat trick.

2012 Piaggio MP3 500

The 2012 MP3 500 is the three wheeler for those who want to stand out from the crowd, or at least to keep up with the motorcycling crowd.  The entire Piaggio MP3 lineup makes riding easier than ever before by providing increased stability, particularly at lower speeds. Both the MP3 400cc and 500cc models are as stylish as they are affordable and can handle short trips, heavy commuting or long pleasurable rides equally well.  If Batman owned a scooter the Piaggio MP3 500 would be it One of the coolest things about the MP3 is the electro-hydraulic suspension locking system: It has no sidestand because the scooter can be locked at any angle whenever you stop. The MP3 500 is fast, furious and fun.

deal for the campus or the rock club, the muscular and aggressive MP3 500 is as high-tech as its little brothers. The MP3 can be pushed into deep lean angles without the fear of the abrupt step-outs common to single track front ends.  In the canyons, the two tracks make for increased mental security. Back and forth is wicked fun like skiing’s giant slalom racing. At speed, the MP3 is as stable as any other streetbike out there. Boasting a 40-degree lean angle, the MP3 is great fun on twisty roads the MP3 requires 20% less breaking distance than best-in-class two-wheel scooters.   We can believe it, as the MP3 can be braked harder than you might expect.

 Piaggio’s MP3 is a scooter you won’t soon forget. The two front wheels give the 2012 MP3 500 more stability than either a (two wheel) scooter or a motorcycle, yet it turns and leans with surprising nimbleness.  Fun and easy to ride on city streets, the 90 mph top speed and Tom Tom navigation system make the MP3 a great choice for over the road trips. This is not your grandma’s scooter, to say the least.  The three-wheeled MP3 goes around corners like a motorcycle thanks to some innovative engineering and looks like a cross between a grasshopper and a transformer.  If Darth Vader had a scooter, this would be it.


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