2012 Piaggio MP3 400 Fantastic

The 2012 Piaggio MP3 400 is one of the most inventive and coolest rides available in the US. Piaggio Maxi Scooters Earn "Lineup of the Year" At a time when maxiscooters really arrived in the American consciousness, Piaggio Group was there just in time to expand and refine its broad stable of U.S. offerings. Offering five models, Piaggio leads the way with the MP3 500, MP3 400 and BV Tourer 500 in the Big Maxi class, as well as the MP3 250 and BV Tourer 250 in the Middleweight class.

2012 Piaggio MP3 400
The 2012 Piaggio MP3 400 is one model that defies a standard description.  Piaggio, an Italian company known for the Vespa line of scooters, has come up with a bike that offers comfort, storage, speed and performance that is compact and user-friendly.   In the world of two- and four-wheelers, the new MP3 400 is a contender, whether you’re running errands around town or going for the open road.  It is a refined vehicle that hugs the corners and gives you performance and practicality in a small but efficient package.

2012 Piaggio MP3 400
 Motorcycles and 2012 Piaggio MP3 400 scooters get incredible gas mileage, but safety has always been a concern, plus the need for a special license. But they are the only thing that gets over 50 or 60 mpg consistently. Enter the Piaggio MP3 series, currently taking America by storm (I have two!). The bikes come in 250cc, 400cc and 500cc. And don't let their sleek European scooter design fool anyone; these are full-fledged vehicles that can gain speeds in excess of 60 ad 90 mph, all while getting 50-65mpg or more; and, they have three wheels, two in front, one in back, thus eliminating the need for a special license. I first took a two day course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation of America, just to see if I could do this and if I could, how to do it right By taking the class I was able to skip the whole motorcycle permit thing and just take the test for the license.

2012 Piaggio MP3 400

This thing is positively brilliant!  Craving attention?  Nothing on wheels short of Britney Spears exiting a Lamborghini draws onlookers like the MP3! Two impediments that keep “civilians” from riding are the need to master a manual clutch/gearbox and the fear of tipping over. Piaggio’s three-model MP3 line directly addresses those concerns.

Built for the grueling city commute, driving the Piaggio MP3 400 Scooter 2012 will be the most enjoyable part of your workday. You’ll never be late for that big meeting, as the MP3 400 is boosted by a single-cylinder MASTER, four stroke, four valve, electronic injection engine. Not only is it fuel efficient and speedy, this Piaggio scooter gives ride stability a whole new meaning.


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