2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ Muscle Strogers

The 2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ is the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced. The all-new liquid-cooled 1,783cc engine featuring four valves per cylinder and SDTV digital fuel injection gives you all the power you need, when you need it.  This monster packs the largest engine pistons of any production car or bike on the planet. Each of the huge 112mm forged aluminium-alloy pistons use short skirts and cutaway sides to reduce friction and provide the rider with raw, unstoppable muscle.

2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ
The Boulevard M109RZ represents a welcome addition for those hooked on the M109R's muscular powerplant and awesome performance, but seeking something more distinctive in style and appearance. The M109RZ is dressed in a standout black colour scheme with an orange centre stripe. Other details include the Boulevard logo which is embossed into the rider seat and a checkerboard instrument gauge package.

2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ
2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ  Speedometer Control Panel
 The Boulevard M109RZ with 1783cm3, liquid-cooled, DOHC, V-Twin engine is designed to produce a massive tractable power and responsive torque. Huge 112mm forged aluminum-alloy pistons. These are the largest reciprocating gasoline engine pistons being used in any mass production passenger car or motorcycle, while featuring race-proven design to reduce friction and inertialmass.

2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ
Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection system produces smooth throttle response even at low engine rpm. Suzuki Advanced Sump System (SASS), a compact dry-sump lubrication system, designed for reduced engine height, a lower crankshaft position and lower center of gravity. The race-proven brake system came straight off the sportbike, including radial-mount opposed-4-piston front brake calipers and a dual-piston rear brake caliper. Distinctive center-stripe painting with a strong image.


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