2013 Harley Davidson Motor Company

2013 Harley Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide Police

2013 Harley Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide Police

2013 Harley Davidson FLHTP (Fairing with Windshield) Electra Glide Solo Law Enforcement Motorcycles. These specifications describe the mechanical and comfort requirements for the FLHTP solo law enforcement motorcycles which will be used by the [insert agency/department name].  True is factual, precise and accurate. True is real, genuine and authentic. True is dedicated, sincere and loyal. True is the driving force behind every motor officer in every motor unit around the world. True is taken into consideration with every decision you make while on patrol.

Harley Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide Police
Are you being true to your community true to your department true to yourself? When you’re riding in the saddle of a Genuine Harley-Davidson Police FLHTP Electra Glide motorcycle, the answer is always yes. For more than one hundred years, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has been the standard by which all other police motorcycles are measured. Which is why every 2012 Harley-Davidson FLHTP Police motorcycle is engineered to deliver the high level of performance you demand, designed to give you the confidence to handle any situation, and defined by the excellence that has earned you the trust and respect of your department, your peers and the community you protect and serve.

As a motor officer, you have the safety of your community riding along with you each and every day. You pride yourself on being reliable, dependable, and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. It’s the goodwill you bring to the community that sets you apart. So whether it’s controlling traffic, escorting a motorcade, or handling a situation that requires rapid response and extreme tactical skill, you sum up on-duty success in a single word Performance. 

Every Harley-Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide Police motorcycle is engineered to deliver the ultimate in performance. We combine innovation an technology to create a ride that delivers power, control, and tactical maneuverability on demand, right from the very first roar of the legendary Twin Cam 103 powertrain. The strong FL frame, re-designed motor mounts, and Engine Idle Temperature Management System, provide a greater level of comfort allowing you to stay at your best, even during the longest of shifts. Protect and Serve isn’t a 9-to-5 job, and a Harley-Davidson isn’t a 9-to-5 motorcycle. That’s why when it comes to performance, community presence and pride, nothing compares to a cop on a Harley.

When you’re in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson, your presence brings a sense of security and confidence to those you protect and serve. On patrol, things can change in an instant, so you don’t have time to think about what your motorcycle can and can’t do. Uncertainty can lead to serious consequences. Your citizens trust you to be there for them, and when called upon, to respond without hesitation. Confidence yields success on patrol, and no other motorcycle can instill a greater sense of confidence in a motor officer than a Harley-Davidson. The FL family’s stronger frame, retuned suspension and Isolated Drive system, provide a smooth ride and steady feeling of control at any speed. The tight turn radius and optional independent front and back anti-lock braking system gives you total command over the road.

There is no greater symbol of respect and leadership in a community than a cop on a Harley. You can see it in the way people are eager to approach you and are comfortable in your presence. So it’s not surprising more than 3,600 law enforcement departments across North American and agencies in over 45 countries trust us to provide the motorcycles they need to protect the communities they serve.


All proposed FLHTP motorcycles to be in full compliance as follows:


Piston displacement of not less than 1690cc OHV Twin Cam 103® Vibration Isolated V-Twin, air-cooled, equipped with OE standard oil cooler, two cylinders with overhead valves and featuring EITMS (Engine Idle Temperature Management System), producing minimal vibration frequencies and magnitudes. Engine and transmission isolated from motorcycle frame utilizing a rubber mounting system.

Powertrain deluxe chrome group designed for low maintenance; black powder coat finish on engine; chrome rocker boxes, timer cover, outer primary housing & transmission covers. Compression ratio: 9:6:1. Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection System (ESPFI). Chain Drive Twin Cams. Hydraulic Lifters requiring no maintenance service adjustments.

Clutch shall be of the latest multiple nine plate design, wet. Transmission to be of latest design, manual type, with not less than six forward speeds. Clutch disengage for starter motor operation. Primary Drive, double-row chain, 34/46 ratio. Greaseless shifter shaft with “anti-vibration” rubber spacers. Gear Ratios.

Hydraulic Disc brakes for both front and rear wheels. Front brake having dual 11.81-inch diameter discs; rear brake shall be single disc. Brakes shall be relatively free of heat fade, with four piston calipers and uniform expanding rotors. Optional Anti-Lock Braking System available (Independent Anti-Lock System).

Motorcycles shall be provided with a suspension system to permit optimum handling conditions as required in law enforcement. 41.3 mm telescopic front forks. Rear air-adjustable shocks. Rear suspension swing arm bearings shall require no lubrication for life of the motorcycle.


Black Slotted Disc Cast Aluminum wheels, rim material to be impermeable to compressed air. Tubeless type tires to have non-skid tread, designed to operate on paved highways and shall have a full, four-ply fabric reinforcement. Bead-retention tires designed to remain on wheel during sudden loss of pressure. Sealed automotive style wheel bearings requiring no endplay adjustment and service interval of 100,000 miles (160,000 km).

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank to have a capacity of six (6) U.S. gallons (or 22.71 liters). Must provide a minimum of 1 gal (3.8 L) reserve fuel capacity when main supply is exhausted. Electric fuel pump.

Electrical System
Electrical system shall be nominal 12-volt as follows:

Battery. Sealed, heavy-duty maintenance-free, 12-volt, minimum rated capacity – 28 ampere hours (Battery Council International rating), 270 cold cranking amps. Ignition. Non-waste spark, alpha control. Charging System. Three-phase, 50-amp high output alternator, solid state regulator. Connectors. Industrial grade throughout, provided with electrical accessory connection. Hand Controls. Water-resistant, integrated switches. Starting System. 12-volt starter, solenoid operated engagement, relay required. Horn. Sound level audible above motorcycle and traffic-generated noise.

Each motorcycle shall be provided with the following lighting equipment:

Quartz Halogen Headlight, 55 watt low beam and 60 watt high beam. Pursuit lamps front mounted PAR-36, one red and one blue (incandescent). Tail light. Turn Signals, self-canceling system. Flashers, four-way, integrated into turn signal switches. License plate lighting, two blue indicator lamps. Front (Amber) and Rear (Red) Fender Tip Lights