2013 Harley Davidson V-Rod Review

It's been ten years since we launched our 2013 Harley Davidson V-Rod Anniversary Edition family of high performance, drag-inspired Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and we're celebrating with this exclusive, limited edition anniversary model, a shining homage to the original V-Rod. This exclusive edition’s every shining element from its silver wheels and instrument cluster to its polished forks, clamps and handlebars, its leafy Aluminium frame and polished aluminum speed screen to its chromed mufflers, heat shields, and covers all reflect a decade of aggressive attitude and serious street performance. With ultra-limited availability, and true to its drag bike heritage, it's going to go fast. So don’t wait this unique chance to own a piece of Harley-Davidson history will itself be history all too soon.

2013 Harley Davidson V-Rod

Proving that a Harley Davidson V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition performance exhaust can still be a beautiful set of pipes, this double-barrel exhaust features chrome dual mufflers and exhaust shields. Performance and bold style erupt with every crack of the throttle. The V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition comes on strong, with a redesigned speedscreen that's pared down to bare performance minimum, wrapped around a sleek, newly-restyled headlamp, riding over a slotted-bracket sport fender all for a wickedly aggressive race-inspired profile that embodies its power-first ride.

This sleek tail section is designed to deliver drag-strip performance and attitude. Its chopped down and aggressively tapered fender shows off that fat rear tire, while its slim center plate mount and flush-mounted low-maintenance LED tail-lamp create a streamlined impression that lasts long after you're out of site. Behold an ultra-fat, 240mm rear tire for a powerful, no-nonsense look and added grip. Harnessing explosive, off-the-line power, this tire enhances the 2012 V-Rod Anniversary Edition's pure dragster look with the sticky, high-performance tread you need for staying glued to the pavement.

2013 Harley Davidson V-Rod
2012 Harley Davidson V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition-3

When the rubber meets the road, it’s your wheels that make the difference. Inspired by performance sports car design, these color-matched split 5-spoke wheels flash heavy-weight attitude, but do it at a full 3 pounds lighter than earlier generation V-Rod motorcycle wheels, which means you roll with tighter handling and smoother suspension response. Grab the slammed stainless steel, drag-style handlebar for an aggressive riding position that keeps your controls in easy reach it's a comfortable, slightly forward position reminiscent of tearing up the racetrack.

Every inch of a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Anniversary Edition motorcycle is created to sync up with the bike's overall look and performance. As our very first liquid-cooled rides, we turned to styling to make sure the radiator on every Harley Davidson V-Rod model became part of the design instead of an interruption to the flow of the eye. Up to two times thicker than the competition, custom quality paint comes standard on all Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Clearcoat layering up to five mils deep. Bigger metal flakes. Unique effects. Skimping simply is not in our vocabulary. Comfort and confidence are critical when you're performance riding.

2012 Harley Davidson V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition-9

That's why we carefully placed the V-Rod Anniversary Edition's handlebars and rider foot pegs so that you ride low and mean, but always with your controls in close and easy reach. Settle in and experience the confident connection you get from the this deep rider bucket. We designed it to hold you close, low (25.6 inches) and in control, even when you throttle up fast. Just like all Harley-Davidson® seats, it's built with the premium material, custom stitching and attention to detail that mark the work of motorcycle makers who’ve been putting their own seats in the saddle for over a hundred years.


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