2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Extreme Performance

In 2008, we proudly announced a far-reaching environmental programme to harness renewable fuel technologies and reduce CO2 emissions across the entire Bentley range by 2012. Spearheaded by the new Bentley Continental  Supersports, and achieved through reduced weight and engine enhancements, our first commitment is to cut tailpipe emissions and fuel consumption by 15 percent by 2012. Our second, more fundamental commitment, is to make the entire Bentley range capable of running on renewable fuel through the introduction of FlexFuel technology, without sacrificing Bentley’s reputation for performance and luxury.

This commitment to minimise our environmental impact has been pioneered in the Continental Supersports the first Bentley to be FlexFuel capable. FlexFuel is a remarkable technology which gives the Supersports’ W12 engine the capability of running seamlessly on bioethanol (E85), petrol or any mix of the two all from a single fuel tank. Though it sounds simple, the ability to run on petrol and biofuel no matter the proportions involved, called for some pioneering engineering on our part. When we announced our FlexFuel engine technology, we declared that this would be achieved without sacrificing our reputation for performance and luxury. And so, the Supersports balances extreme potency with FlexFuel technology.

To ensure that the immense power and torque generated by the 12-cylinder engine remains constant, whatever blend of fuels are being used, an advanced new Fuel Quality Sensor continuously monitors the ratio of the fuel and guides the Engine Control Unit to adjust the engine’s timing. This ensures the seamless power delivery that Bentley engines are renowned for and means you don’t have to compromise on power and performance at the cost of more environmental motoring. The result is our fastest,most powerful Bentley ever.

The  Bentley Continental Supersports handles like a supercar thanks to its lowered suspension, wider rear track its rear wheels are placed 50mm wider than other Continentals and advanced all-wheel drive system which has a 40:60 rear biased power delivery. The benefits of the Supersports’ all-wheel drive configuration are many. More power to the rear wheels makes the car much more balanced during hard cornering and allows the experienced driver to adjust the car’s attitude via precise throttle control. Providing huge levels of grip and stability in all weather conditions, the system harnesses the prodigious output of the twin-turbocharged W12 engine and uses a set of advanced Torsen differentials to send power to the front and rear axles, with the emphasis, in dry conditions, on more drive through the rear wheels to generate a driver-focussed power delivery.

All wheel drive is about more than simply creating a car for out-and-out performance it also works in tandem with the Supersports’ other driving dynamics systems to improve safety and security. On wet or slippery roads the system can sense slip of less than one percent and instantaneously vary the power split from front to rear depending on the available grip. The advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) that operates in unison with the all-wheel drive has been retuned for both the Bentley Continental Supersports CoupĂ© and Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible, with a new dynamic setting that moderates ESC intervention at low speeds, providing a greater degree of driver interaction and control, and then reinstates power more quickly after the traction control system is triggered, giving the spirited driver a greater sense of control and the ability to exploit the full potential of the new engine.

The Bentley Continental Supersports philosophy. Its aggressive, low muscular stance not only draws attention to the changes beneath the skin, but serves an equally important technical role. The revised W12 engine, an advanced 621bhp (630PS) unit that spearheads the radical Flexfuel programme is allowed to generate its extra power and torque as dramtic vertical front air intakes distribute 10% additional airflow to the twin intercoolers. Even the wheel was reinvented. The striking 10 spoke blade-like design drives airflow over the largest carbon ceramic brakes ever offered on a production car. Distinctive styling for extreme performance. Everything about the Supersports is engineered for a single purpose: to deliver the most thrilling driving experience imaginable. Available as a two-seater coupé or four-seater convertible, its muscular exterior and distinctive interior styling is unmistakably Bentley in its design and craftsmanship.This is a car created through the continuing desire to reach new limits. This is the Continental Supersports. The Bentley Continental Supersports represents a perfect relationship between engineering and design with the enhanced iconic GT looks reflecting and heightening the supercar performance.

An exhilarating driver's car laced with supreme potency, including levels of luxury, technology and comfort you would expect from a Bentley. Practical driver aids abound, from keyless entry and ignition system through to Electronic Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPMS), which automatically warns you if a tyre is not operating at its correct pressure. And for those relaxing journeys, revel in the brilliant advanced Infotainment system. Via the Infotainment console you can operate and adjust virtually every one of the key driving and entertainment systems within the car. From the DVD Satellite Navigation system with route guidance, through to the electronic climate control, suspension settings and ride height of the car, mobile phone directories and, of course, the audio entertainment. At whatever speed you are driving, the Bentley Continental Supersports works with you, thanks to technolgy that is invaluable without being intrusive. Be it the electronic cruise control, the electric park brake with move-off assist or even the optional built-in remote garage door opener. It all works seamlessly to provide a high level of comfort so you can focus on the thrill of the drive.


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