2013 Range Rover Supercharged Review

The ultimate in Range Rover Supercharged luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity. The superb V8 Supercharged Engine features a six-speed transmission that delivers exquisite power and economy. Autobiography exterior features include a Titan finish front grille and 20 inch Style 17 alloy wheels. Inside, features include semi-aniline leather seats, full leather facings on the door panels and a 14-piece veneer trim in a range of the finest, decorative woods. There are many other unique finishes and touches. Creating the epitome of cocooned opulence is the full leather headlining and Autobiography sill tread plates. With its Supercharged 5.0 liter V8 510bhp engine, the Range Rover Supercharged combines a powerful drive with distinctive styling. Distinctive design cues include mesh-design front grille and power vents, and 20 inch, 10 spoke alloy wheels.

Range Rover Supercharged iconic design creates a commanding on-road presence. Highly refined features include the front grille and headlamps which bear the Range Rover signature concentric circle design. Smart innovations create a more tranquil Range Rover cabin experience. Already soothed by the quiet of the vehicle's advanced engine technology, additional levels of acoustic refinement are achieved with a laminated front screen and front door glass. You can also choose laminated rear door glass to further protect the cabin from outside noise. Designed to significantly reduce direct heat from the sun, the Climate Control windscreen and front side glass (available in all markets as standard or option fit) helps maintain optimum cabin conditions for everyone, which in turn reduces the need for high fan speeds. Regardless of outside conditions, driving pleasure is never compromized in the 2013 Range Rover.

As well as giving the vehicle’s interior an even lighter, airier atmosphere, the versatility of the electric slide/tilt glass sunroof provides opportunities to enjoy the elements in all types of weather. Privacy glass allows rear seat passengers to travel more discreetly and provides increased security by restricting vision into the cabin. It reduces UV light transmission, making the vehicle a safer, more pleasurable place to be. Privacy glass also keeps temperatures at a lower level in hot climates, enabling the vehicle's air conditioning system to improve efficiency and performance. Auto dimming exterior mirrors provide a dipping function that detects excessive light and automatically darkens the mirror glass. This reduces glare from the headlamps of other vehicles in dark or low light conditions, improving the driver’s rearward vision.

The Adaptive Dynamics suspension system provides the best ever Range Rover Supercharged experience over rough roads by fully utilizing the vehicle's long suspension travel to absorb potholes or ruts. It also provides enhanced control at higher speeds while cornering or braking. The system monitors the road 500 times a second and predicts the driver's actions, constantly fine tuning the suspension settings of each wheel of the vehicle to best suit the terrain. This helps ensure that all occupants are transported in the greatest possible comfort, regardless of the road surface and variations in conditions.

The Range Rover's luxury interior delivers the very highest levels of elegance and is crowned with a range of beautiful finishes, including real wood veneers. The Range Rover features warm real wood finish in hand polished veneer. 12 piece set. The Range Rover features warm real wood finish in hand polished veneer. The Range Rover Supercharged features warm real wood finish in hand polished veneer. Step inside The Range Rover and you’ll discover a rarefied combination of real wood veneers and the finest leather. One glance at the new virtual instrument panel reveals the very latest Thin Film Transistor (TFT)-LCD technology, a stunning advance in the clarity of driver information. The new 12 inch TFT-LCD virtual instrument panel uses the same technology found in high-quality computer laptops and can be both personalized and adapted to suit various driving conditions or personal preference. During night-time driving, for instance, the TFT-LCD virtual instrument panel's 'torchlight' setting highlights only the essential information on the speedometer and odometer. Additionally, when driving off-road, key dynamic information is displayed in the center of the TFT-LCD screen, complementing the main Touch-screen display and providing valuable ‘at a glance’ vehicle status.

The Range Rover Supercharged features an advanced, high-performance, automatic climate control system. Air filtration removes finer dust particles and impurities such as pollen from air supplied to the vehicle’s interior, and optimizes the cabin environment for driver and passengers alike. The multi-function steering wheel has been designed with intuitive controls, including two five-way toggle switches. These switches are used in tandem to easily and intuitively operate a number of vehicle features, including the In Car Entertainment system (left hand switch) and Thin Film Transistor (TFT)-LCD Virtual Instrument Panel (right hand switch). High grade leather for the steering wheel is complemented by the metallic Noble finish to the steering wheel spokes. 

An optional heated half wood, half leather steering wheel adds richness, visual appeal, and is practical as well as sumptuous (not available with HSE Model). You can also choose a complementing wood and leather gear knob, which is, as with the half wood steering wheel, available in all wood trim finishers dependent on the derivative selected. Front and rear parking sensors are standard on The Range Rover. Additionally, the rear camera displays a rearward view from the vehicle on the Infotainment screen. To make parking as easy as possible, static lines representing the vehicle's outer perimeter and predicted path are superimposed on the rearward image. The ski bag helps keep skis secure and tidy and is for use with the ski flap found between the rear seats.

The Range Rover is available with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) which provides even earlier identification of vehicles that may move into your path. This third-generation ACC system uses 12 beams to scan the road ahead 10 times every second, making it one of the most advanced systems available. It also offers more progressive deceleration, resets more accurately and is better able to indentify smaller road users, such as motorcycles, against larger vehicles and trucks. The ACC can be programmed to one of four settings. These are between 1.0 and 2.2 second intervals from the vehicle in front in normal driving conditions and when either Grass, Gravel or Snow are selected on the Terrain Response dial. The ACC is also complemented by Forward Alert and Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (AEBA), all working together to help avoid a collision, in the first instance, by giving audible and visual alerts. Should an impact become inevitable, the AEBA with full ABS is triggered. This typically saves up to two-thirds of the time of the emergency brake assist system.

V8 Supercharged engine, the supreme expression of Range Rover Sport. It reaches unsurpassed levels of performance with a power output of 510hp: 31 percent more power (375kW/510PS or 510hp) and 14 percent more torque than the previous 4.2 liter Supercharged engine, A new ZF 6HP28 six-speed automatic transmission optimised to provide class leading response and control, CommandShift for better response and smoother gear changes and Drive by wire’ throttle control and camshaft profile switching· Dual Independent Variable Camshaft Timing system (DIVCT), an industry first for low-speed torque and high-speed power. The V8 Supercharged engine features a six-speed automatic transmission with CommandShift for better response and smoother, more efficient gear changes.

The sophisticated, fully adaptable six-speed transmission with CommandShift® actually responds to driving style and driving conditions by reconfiguring shift patterns, as appropriate, for optimum driveability, performance and capability. This means better response and smoother, more efficient gear changes. The combination of Electronic Center Differential and upgraded Hill Descent Control with Gradient Release Control gives The Range Rover driver total confidence over some of the most precipitous terrain. When engaged and where a sharp descent is detected, the HDC system automatically engages to achieve maximum grip. Varied brake and acceleration pressure then smoothly release the vehicle down the gradient until the optimum descent rate is reached, all without effort on the driver’s part. Operated via buttons on the steering wheel, cruise control allows the driver to select a speed which The Range Rover will then maintain, smoothly and without using the brake pedal or accelerator. The system is indispensable on long journeys and often results in better fuel efficiency. The system can be overridden manually via the steering wheel button, or by the accelerator and brake pedals.


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