2013 Rang Rover Sport Supercharged Review

With a 5.0 liter LR-V8 510hp engine, 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged is the most powerful, high-performance Range Rover Sport ever created. When compared to the previous Supercharged engine, it delivers more power, more torque and improved fuel economy. The Range Rover Sport Supercharged specification includes a new, eye catching Premium Bright Finish grille finish and fender vent mesh, Gloss Black headlamp and taillamp back plates for a more jewel-like appearance, Metallic-effect fender vent fingers and body-colored door handles. There are chrome tailpipes. Plus 20 inch 9-spoke Sparkle Finish alloy wheels with new ‘Range Rover’ centers. Inside are Oxford Leather seats with contrast stitching. The steering wheel-mounted paddle-operated gearshift and Adaptive Dynamics with Dynamic Program give a sportier, more engaging drive. Also fitted as standard is Dynamic Response, which adjusts the vehicle’s settings to deliver more control and comfort on and off-road. And to cope with the extra demands of Supercharged, high-performance brakes have been developed in association with Brembo.

Ready, poised in anticipation of the drive ahead, Range Rover Sport Supercharged is now more assertive than ever. It reinvigorates its unique identity with a lower-to-the-road, more contemporary appearance. With its more muscular, sharper attitude, it looks like it's moving even when it's standing still. There is now even more style with bolder front bumpers, a new grille and side vents, Range Rover 'concentric circle' headlamps and distinctive rear light clusters - all with LED technology. For added convenience and to help retain complete control of the security of Range Rover Sport, there's the One-Touch Global Open/Close window feature. This can be operated from the remote smart key.

The Rang Rover Sport Supercharged Rear View Camera displays the view from the back of the vehicle on the Infotainment screen. To make parking as easy as possible, static lines representing the vehicle's outer perimeter and predicted path are superimposed on the rearward image. Optional keyless entry means the days of fumbling for keys are over. The driver is now able to access and lock/alarm the vehicle without the need to take the remote smart key out of a bag or pocket. The vehicle is automatically unlocked and the immobilizer deactivated when the smart key comes within close proximity. Similarly, using the buttons on the door pull, the vehicle, is locked, alarmed and immobilized. Easy adjusting exterior mirrors banish frost within seconds and neatly fold away to avoid damage when parking in confined spaces. The two-bar grille imbues Range Rover Sport with a purposeful and charismatic look. The new Atlas finish adds flair to the grille and side vents. There are also new Gloss Black inners for the headlamps to add a more jewel-like appearance.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged is the definitive luxury sports tourer. With its superbly appointed interior and elevated cockpit, it’s designed to envelop every passenger. The ergonomically designed center console and controls place the emphasis on the driving experience, while the interior mood lighting brilliantly enhances the experience of night-time driving. The renowned command driving position, first established by Defender, is now a central feature of every Land Rover vehicle. It gives greater visibility ahead and of the surrounding environment as well as adding to the driver’s control and feeling of security. Fitted as standard, Push Button Start makes starting the vehicle quick and effortless. Sensors detect the Smart Key (in your hand, pocket or the proximity of the vehicle's cabin), so you simply push the button on the dash to start and stop the engine.

Rang Rover Sport Supercharged Fitted as standard, Push Button Start makes starting the vehicle quick and effortless. Sensors detect the Smart Key (in your hand, pocket or the proximity of the vehicle's cabin), so you simply push the button on the dash to start and stop the engine. LEDs emitting white light have been added to the front door casings, as well as close to the rear view mirror to enhance interior ambience. A locator light on each door release assists occupants when leaving the vehicle at night. Situated in the center console, between the front row seats, the cooler compartment is a convenient place to keep items such as drinks chilled on a warm day. As well as giving the vehicle's interior an even lighter, airier atmosphere, the versatility of the electric slide/tilt glass sunroof provides opportunities to enjoy the elements in all types of weather.

Drivers can effortlessly regulate the seat side bolsters when indulging in a more sporty drive, adding additional support to minimize lateral movement when cornering. This feature is standard on Premium Perforated Leather and Leather/Alcantara seats. An Extended Leather Pack can be specified with premium Windsor leather and Leather/Alcantara. This pack adds to the sophistication of the Range Rover Sport Supercharged interior and makes the environment even more select, with premium leather extending to the instrument panel topper, dash end caps, door tops and wrapping each door armrest. Look after yourself and your Range Rover Sport Supercharged in colder conditions with three stage heated front seats and two stage heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, a heated front screen and heated washer jets. This useful feature offers convenience during multiple driver use of the vehicle by storing the seat, steering column and exterior mirror positions of up to three individuals.

Each of the new Range Rover Sport Supercharged engines is offered with an upgraded ZF 6HP28 automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Strategy for optimum control and efficiency. CommandShift Six-speed Adaptive Automatic Transmission comes as standard and allows manual selection in high and low range. The technology adapts to the driver’s particular driving style and the prevailing surface conditions, producing a more responsive performance and smoother gear changes. Fuel economy is improved through a wider range of torque, plus engaging sports mode enables the driver to select gear ratios manually for an even sportier drive.

With Dynamic Response, Range Rover Sport sets a new benchmark for all-terrain vehicles. Standard on Supercharged and optional on other models, this intuitive technology provides incomparable confidence when driving. Whether on tarmac, or traversing the most extreme surface in adverse weather conditions, Dynamic Response senses cornering forces and compensates automatically. This minimizes body roll whilst helping maintain sure-footed control and supreme comfort. Steering wheel mounted gearshift paddles are intuitively positioned at the driver's fingertips, they deliver a more sporty and engaging drive.

 Four corner air suspension allows the suspension to be raised or lowered manually as well as guaranteeing a constant ride height regardless of load. It works with Terrain Response technology to help the driver confidently conquer gravel, grass, snow, rocks, and tarmac. By simply switching the conveniently positioned control to the appropriate icon, the engine, transmission, suspension, and traction settings are instantly reconfigured for optimum drivability. The Terrain Response system includes Dynamic Programme (standard on V8 Supercharged), which can provide more performance-orientated responses to driver input by remapping steering, throttle and gearbox settings. This driving technology includes Gradient Acceleration Control and Hill Start Assist. Gradient Acceleration Control has been designed to prevent situations where the vehicle might accelerate too quickly on a steep gradient (and Hill Descent Control has not been selected), thereby allowing the driver time to regain control. Hill Start Assist automatically releases brake pressure on a steep gradient and helps prevent the vehicle from inadvertently rolling backwards. 

Rang Rover Sport Supercharged Cutting-edge technology that gives additional peace of mind. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) provides enhanced handling when accelerating or cornering and compensates for the towing of trailers. This advanced technology constantly monitors key indicators and applies the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) selectively to individual wheels, helping to correct deviations from the driver's chosen line. While no technology can remove the need for safe driving practice, the Roll Stability Control (RSC) system can help the driver to maintain vehicle control and balance. RSC works in conjunction with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) to try to reduce the likelihood of vehicle roll-over. If the system senses that the vehicle is approaching a tipping point, it will reduce engine power and use the ABS to help reduce the chance of roll-over.

The four-wheel Electronic Traction Control (ETC) monitors individual wheel speeds and helps distribute drive to the wheels with the best grip. If a wheel starts to spin, ETC sends braking pulses to slow it down, improving its grip and boosting the torque applied to the opposite wheel to reduce vehicle speed.  Land Rover's patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) technology utilizes the vehicle's ABS system to control the vehicle's downhill acceleration on a steep gradient. Gradient Release Control (GRC) is an additional function that further improves control over difficult descents. It does this by varying the brake pressure to achieve the desired acceleration, helping to compensate for changes in gradient. Range Rover Sport Supercharged  features an added enhancement: engaging the HDC/GRC system whenever the vehicle detects a sharp gradient. For example, if there's a loss of traction or braking power, or over-acceleration as the vehicle goes down a steeper slope, the brake pressure is automatically adjusted to achieve a target rate of acceleration.

Adaptive Dynamics offers class-leading performance for on and off-road driving by predicting the response to driver input and allowing the mitigation of any excess movement before it happens. Available as standard on the Supercharged model. Range Rover Sport Supercharged has been equipped with an updated braking system delivering enhanced stopping power and improved driver feel. For Range Rover Sport Supercharged 5.0 V8 Supercharged, a new high performance braking system (developed in conjunction with Brembo) has been included to effortlessly handle the model’s extra power and torque.


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