2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic LT Power Strong

The 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic LT with 125 cu. in. engine produces massive torque across the entire rpm range. Strong and light forged pistons and alloy connecting rods. With huge 220mm flywheel smoothes power delivery. Push-rod valve actuation contributes to lower engine height, low center of gravity and relatively low seat height. Hydraulic valve adjusters reduce maintenance. Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic LT is liquid and air cooling combination maintains consistent operating temperatures. Engine and transmission feature built-in oil and water pumps, reducing the number of parts and weight. Single-pin crank provides the desirable power-pulse feel and classic V-twin sound.

The 2012 Vulcan 2000 Classic LT Electronic Control Unit (ECU) manages electronic fuel injection and digital ignition system for optimized throttle response. With fuel injection system features sub throttle valves for a smooth, linear power band. Fine atomizing injectors in the fuel injection system deliver ultra-fine fuel/air mixture for greater combustion efficiency, increased power and optimum fuel economy. Center spark plugs enhance combustion for smooth, consistent power and reduced emissions.

The Vulcan 2000 Classic LT includes a bullet-style headlight, and a chrome instrument panel with a large-face speedometer mounted atop the bike’s stretched, 5.5-gallon fuel tank. The V-shaped panel keeps the rider informed of all systems, via an LCD display and warning lamps.  This Vulcan motorcycle rides on bright, cast aluminum 16-inch wheels with a 150/80 front radial tire and a wide, 200/60 rear radial tire. Two beefy, 300mm front disc brakes with four-piston calipers, and a single rear disc brake with a two-piston caliper bring this show to smooth, powerful stops. While it comes with special features as part of the package, this motorcycle encourages further customizing. The broad selection of authentic Kawasaki accessories available through Kawasaki dealers gives Vulcan 2000 Classic LT owners plenty of opportunity to do just that.

Comfortable seats for rider and passenger are a must on a tourer. The Classic LT offers both, along with a backrest to keep the passenger relaxed and smiling as the miles tick by. Detailed with chrome-plated brass studs to match the bags, the classically styled seat and backrest blend attractive visual appearance with comfort. A thick, optically correct acrylic plastic windscreen provides smooth airflow around the rider and passenger on the road. Height adjustability lets the rider fine-tune the large still-air pocket depending on conditions. Power for this stylish motorcycle comes from a massive 2,053cc V-Twin fuel-injected adrenaline pump. The muscular engine sports a 103 x 123.2mm bore and stroke, forged pistons, alloy-steel connecting rods, a huge 220mm flywheel, and dual cams located within the one-piece crankcase.

Right-side pushrods actuate four valves per cylinder and help reduce the 125-cubic-inch engine’s height; allowing a low center of gravity and relatively low seat height. Hydraulic valve-lash adjusters automatically maintain zero valve clearance and provide smoother, quieter operation. The big V-twin’s chrome air cleaner cover is nestled between the black matte finished cylinders artfully contrasting the polished metallic cooling fins, which manage the temperatures for the bottom three-quarters of the engine. The top quarter of the V-twin engine is liquid cooled. Further cooling assistance comes via the oil and water pumps incorporated in the engine and transmission which also serves as the oil tank.

Feeding the big V-twin is a fuel injection system with dual 46mm throttle bodies and sub throttle valves, all managed by an electronic control unit (ECU). Included in the Vulcan 2000 Classic LT’s advanced electronics is a gear position sensor in the transmission that sends signals to the ECU, which refines the fuel injection volume and ignition timing. This performance improvement  combined with an iridium spark plug ignition system, the sub-throttle valves and fine-atomizing injectors delivers sharp throttle response, big power and optimum fuel economy in a smooth, linear powerband.
Final drive to the rear wheel is provided by smooth, quiet and low-maintenance belt drive. That classic V-twin rumble from the Vulcan 2000 Classic’s dual polished mufflers thanks to its single-pin crankshaft will delight cruiser enthusiasts. Vibration dampening dual counter balancers and rubber engine mounts mean long sojourns can still be broad-smile inducing.

The engine is a stressed member of the Vulcan’s steel, double cradle frame, which has a large-diameter, box-section single-tube backbone. A simple but elegant rear steel-tube swingarm suspension with a direct-action single shock provides 3.9 inches of travel, and includes spring preload and rebound adjustment. Up front, a large, 49mm fork provides more precise steering feedback and 5.9 inches of travel.


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