2012 Piaggio BV Tourer 300and BV Tourer 250 Middleweight class

Europe’s largest maker of two wheel transportation knows how to build a Piaggio BV Tourer 250 scooter. This freshly restyled step-through, with its punchy fuel-injected engine, 16 inch alloy wheels and upright ergonomics, narrows the gap between traditional scooters and entry level motorcycles, particularly for those riders who commute in and around congested urban areas and favor the simplicity of an automatic clutch and transmission over their manual counterparts. Fresh styling and solid all-around performance broaden consumer appeal for this big wheel automatic. Bottom line, the $4899 BV Tourer 250 makes a strong argument for the smaller-wheel set.

Piaggio Maxi-Scooters Earn "Line-up of the Year" At a time when maxiscooters really arrived in the American conciousness, Piaggio Group was there just in time to expand and refine its broad stable of U.S. offerings.  Offering five models, Piaggio leads the way with the MP3 500, MP3 400 and BV Tourer 500 in the Big Maxi class, as well as the MP3 250 and 2012 BV Tourer 250 in the Middleweight class.

Perhaps I was predisposed towards liking the 2012 Piaggio BV Tourer 300and BV Tourer 250, I just didn’t realize how much fun this little bugger would be or how well it would work. For starters, it’s got a lot more gumption than I expected.  It’s got a fuel injected, liquid cooled, overhead cam, four-valve engine, that’s downright peppy so this thing flat out hauls. It’s a full automatic as well, which make it seem even quicker than it is, but better yet, means the engine is always at its torque peak, and this thing actually goes around corners.

I was also impressed with the BV’s utility.  It’s a hard thing to beat when it comes to running errands.  It starts instantly, and is ready to go immediately so you can literally roll the thing out of the garage, hit the starter button and be on your way.  It’s also got plenty of under the seat storage so carrying stuff is a breeze. Best of all it gets like a zillion miles to the gallon, well maybe not a zillion, but by my rough guess over 75 and that’s with the throttle yanked wide open most of the time.

I’m impressed by the 2012 Piaggio BV Tourer 300. It can certainly cruise, or at least troll if you ask it to and it is most definitely a practical alternative to either a car or a bigger bike, especially if you’re just looking for something to ride to work or run errands with.  Besides this thing is just plain fun to ride, it’s lively, and within its design parameters, quick enough to keep things interesting.  It’s also practical, and economical to run, and if it’s an issue, takes up little more space in the garage than your average Schwinn.


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