2012 Aprilia RS 50 World Championship Technology

If you’ve always dreamed of lining up on a GP starting grid, and leading the field on a true supersport, then the 2012 Aprilia  RS 50 is the bike for you. Its technical solutions come directly from the pits of the MotoGP World Championship. In fact, everything about the RS 50 is derived from the Aprilia’s 2008 World Champion 125 and 250 GP bikes. Its sleek, aggressive and irresistible looks, for example, are designed for maximum aerodynamic penetration. So stand out from the crowd on the RS 50: the bike of tomorrow’s champions.

2012 Aprilia  RS 50
The performance of the 2012 Aprilia RS 50 is kept constantly under control just like that of a racing machine. The instrumentation includes a rev counter, odometer, trip counter, a racing chronometer with a 20 lap memory, and a service indicator. The RS 50’s aluminium double beam frame features an extruded profile and internal reinforcement to deliver unrivalled control in bends and amazingly agile direction changes.
2012 Aprilia  RS 50

The swingarm is a double member, extruded aluminium unit with reinforcement truss and a hydraulic monoshock. The under-seat exhaust ensures perfect balance and makes a major contribution to the bike’s exceptional, aerodynamic form. The system is manufactured using racing technology to ensure maximum power output. The RS 50’s radial front brake is powerful and smooth to guarantee maximum active safety. The ‘Y’ spoke wheels feature the same design as those fitted to Aprilia’s GP bikes. Lightweight and balanced for stability in bends, these wheels are specially designed for use with the latest generation of radial tyres.

2012 Aprilia  RS 50

World Championship Technology Aprilia RS 50 with an ultra-modern two-stroke engine, racing frame and suspension, advanced brakes and racetrack wheels, the RS 50 offers you unrivalled performance, control and safety. Its ergonomic controls, fuel tank and seat are designed to fit your body; its fairing offers all-round wind protection; its footrests provide the ultimate in support. Only Aprilia can give you so much, plus the prestige of a legendary name.


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