2012 Aprilia SR 50 R SuperBike

Aprilia SR 50 R Scooter Sports 2012

The 2012 Aprilia SR 50 R is modern motorcycle race technology applied in a scooter. A fuel-injected, two-stroke, liquid cooled engine married to a rigid frame with dual disc brakes makes for an exciting, agile ride with race inspired styling. Now, the Aprilia SR 50 features an aggressive new design, inspired by the RSV 1000 R Factory, but there’s more to it than style! The SR 50 incorporates numerous technical solutions derived directly from Aprilia’s world-beating maxi, to bring you the tops in equipment and the highest level of active safety you can get. With advanced technology, a legendary name, and guaranteed performance, the new SR is destined to be yet another Aprilia success story. Especially if ridden by people like you. Ever since it was first introduced, the SR has been the preferred scooter of the Aprilia Racing Team, and is used extensively at trials and race meetings to get quickly between pit lane and the paddock. Aprilia’s top riders can also be seen riding their SRs around town in total freedom.

2012 Aprilia SR 50 R
2012 Aprilia SR 50 R
2012 Aprilia SR 50 R Replica SBK
So you know all about sports scooters. You’ve read up on scooter technology and performance too. The you know you need the new SR 50. Just to refresh your memory, the SR 50 was the first scooter to fit 13” wheels, the first with liquid cooling, the first with a double disc braking system, and the first with a direct injection engine. And finish and equipment are superbike level. Just look at the mirrors, integrated footrests, and open brake master cylinders.

2012 Aprilia SR 50 R Replica SBK

2012 Aprilia SR 50 R
2012 Aprilia SR 50 R Speedometer
Aprilia SR riders always have something in common. Like you. They aggressive style, streamlined aerodynamics and impeccable handling when they see them. Everybody’s different, but on an SR everybody’s got something to share. The SR 50 is equipped with a large, complete digital instrument panel that provides readings for speed, clock, odometer, trip counter, fuel level, coolant temperature and battery voltage.

Aprilia SR 50 R Specifications

Engine Type: Horizontal single cylinder two-stroke; electronic direct fuel injection

Displacement: 49cc

Gears: CVT automatic variator

Front Brake: 190 mm stainless steel disc; racing caliper with twin opposed 33 mm pistons

Rear Brake: 190 mm stainless steel disc; racing caliper with twin opposed 30 mm pistons tire: Tubeless;  

Front: 130 / 60, 13”

Rear: 130 / 60, 13”

Length/Width: 73”/27.8” dry weight: 198 lbs


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