2011 BMW G450X New Peformance Launched 2012

BMW’s new G450X is ground breaking, forward thinking and revolutionary. For instance, the swingarm pivot point is in line with the countershaft sprocket, which means that the chain can be adjusted to the correct tension without worrying about damaging the gearbox as the swingarm moves up and down over rough terrain. This also means that in order to change your counter shaft sprocket, you need to remove the swingarm, a procedure BMW G450X claims is quick and easy.

2012 BMW G450X
2012 BMW G450X

BMW did not skimp when it came to components while building out their new 450. There’s an Öhlins
monoshock with 12.6 inches of fully adjustable travel at the rear and a super-sweet 45mm Marzocchi upsidedown fork up front with 11.8 inches of plush travel, also fully adjustable, and yes it all comes stock on the new G450X. To tie all these high-end parts together, BMW designed an ultralightweight frame (about 19 pounds) made almost entirely out of highstrength stainless steel straight tubing that offers exceptional rigidity. So with all that plush suspension, you may notice yourself riding a little faster in the rough stuff, so the engineers threw in a Brembo brake system with a 260mm disc and double-piston floating caliper on front and a 220mm disc and single-piston floating unit on the rear of this backwoods shredder, and let me tell you it really comes in handy when you come flying slideways around the corner into a rocky section of sure death and destruction.

2012 BMW G450X
2019 BMW G450X
2019 BMW G450X

The BMW motor got lots of attention from those white-coated Bavarians as well. It’s an unusual design, tilted
forward in the frame 30 degrees with a contra-rotating crankshaft and a counterbalancer. But it’s compact, fuel injected, light, has a starter button (with starter motor) and is more powerful than a 450 Thumper has a
right to be. The BMW G450X engine 449cc single cylinder, four stroke, four titanium valve, twin overhead camshaft, water cooled masterful thumper benefits from fuel injection and a fully electronic ignition to generate truly awesome power output in both the horsepower and torque curves.

BMW G450X power is significant and gets spread out fairly evenly over the entire powerband, really showing itself on the top end when screaming the 450cc single in the upper rpm range. The importing transformation (which is actually about a two-minute procedure that involves removing a side panel and plugging the connector loop into place) helps to smooth out the engine at idle and low rpm.

BMW G450X another benefit of this design is the lack of all the typical linkages needed to attach the rear monoshock to the swingarm: the shock is bolted right onto the swingarm, eliminating several pivot points that require regular maintenance and lubrication. Also, since the pivot point is now in line with the countershaft sprocket BMW was able to increase the overall length of the swingarm without increasing the wheelbase of the bike that translates into better ground contact and better traction, while still maintaining a nimble feel.


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